Bills Hold on Against Eagles, Rise to 4-1

The Bills were happy to bring the Dream Team into Buffalo to make a name for themselves, even if it’s just being the next team to disappoint the Eagles high hopes. The Bills were poised to end the game with a 4-1 record, and they did exactly that. They came out of the gates with the pedal to the metal and took a 21-7 lead into halftime. Fred Jackson continued to impress with some good running and a big catch and run to help set up a Fitzpatrick to Nelson touchdown. The highlight of the first half was the 3 interceptions from Michael Vick, one which was taken to the house by Nick Barnett.

In the second half, the Bills quickly scored to 28-7 point lead. Early in the fourth quarter. the Bills let the Eagles close the gap to 10, and then again to 7. However, the Bills were able to build up a large enough lead to make the Eagles late game surge not effect the outcome of the game, but it is a symptom to a problem that can be addressed. I would like to see the Bills be able to finish the game early and not allow any more late game scares. And that can start next week when the Buffalo Bills travel to MetLife Stadium to play the Giants.

Next week the Bills will play the 3-2 Giants and will be looking to become 5-1 and be considered a true contender. The Giants have been terrible at stopping the run lately, so look for the Bills to try and get Fred Jackson pounding the ball against the Giants weak run defense. Keep up to date with this Buffalo Bills blog for all the Bills news and game information you need.

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