Bills Blown out 2nd Straight week

The Bills started this season off very strong.  But the last couple of weeks they have been very disappointing.  Last week they missed a golden opportunity at home vs. the rival NY Jets.  This week they didn’t even show up. 

This game was never close.  The Cowboys got off to a quick start and never looked back.  Tony Romo had a huge game.  Romo completed his first 13 pass attempts.  He had some really nice plays and just destroyed the Bills D.  They had no answer for him. 

This is 2 terrible games in a row now for the Bills.  Last week they got beat up pretty bad at home by the Jets.  The Bills could only manage to score one TD as the Cowboys won this one 44-7.

The only highlight for the Bills came when WR David Nelson scored and ran across field to give his girlfriend who is a Cowboys cheerleader a hug and the ball.

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