NFL; Bills vs. Jets preview


Photo by: Icon SMI

The NFL is just days away, which means that opening weekend is right around the corner. The Buffalo Bills are on the road in week one, as they face off against their cross state rivals, the Jets. NFL odds favor the New York Jets at -3 in this one. Do you think Buffalo can come in and pull off the upset, or will the Jets protect home field?

Buffalo and New York haven’t exactly looked great this preseason, so this one could go one of many different directions. Neither of the teams won a game this preseason. However, one must win Sunday afternoon.

The Bills are going to rely on their offense once again this season, and Stevie Johnson will be a big part of that. He will be matched up with the multi-pro bowler, Darrelle Revis. Unlike most receivers in the NFL, Johnson has given Revis trouble in the past. In the last four times these two have faced one another, Johnson has 19 receptions for 262 yards and two touchdowns. However, Antonio Cromartie is pretty good too, and if Revis isn’t getting the job done, Cromartie will get his shot.

Buffalo has the weapons to move the chains, but they struggled some this preseason. With the exception of the game against Detroit, the Bills didn’t score too much this preseason. However, Ryan Fitzpatrick was 5-5 with 39 yards and a touchdown in his only drive in that final preseason game.

This game is very winnable for the Bills. The Jets’ offense has been awful this preseason, and all the Bills have to do is beat the Jets’ defense a few times. I doubt the Jets score in double figures in this game. The Bills defense has improved a lot this offseason.

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