Bills Look To Keep Winning Streak Alive In Division Match Up

The good news for those looking to choose the Buffalo Bills this Sunday as one of their NFL picks is the fact that they are at +3.5.  The bad news is they are playing a New England Patriots team that is coming off two straight losses.  The Pats are sure to be angry going into this Sunday’s game, so the Bills need to play at the highest level possible.  If Ryan Fitzpatrick can stay healthy and CJ Spiller continues to tear up yards as their primary running back, they certainly have a chance.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, while not the greatest quarterback on the planet, certainly can get the job done when put into the right positions.  He’s looked absolutely great in their past two efforts, leading the team to a two game winning streak.  In those match-ups, he threw for a totally of five touchdowns and almost 400 yards passing.  The Patriots defense, while not the most consistent in the world, definitely has some tricks up its sleeve, however, so Fitzpatrick needs to be careful.  If he is not cautious with his throws, he could be looking at another three interception game like in week 1 against the Jets.

Luckily for Fitzpatrick, he has CJ Spiller in his backfield.  The running back has been looking like a true all star all year and will only get better as time goes on.  If he can recover from his shoulder injury in time for the game against the Patriots on Sunday, he will surely help the Bills rack up points all day.  If not, Buffalo will be in big trouble.

Being a division matchup, this game will definitely be very important to both teams.  The Bills can pull out a win, but they will need to play cautiously and hope that Spiller can find a way to get healthy before game time.  If not, this will most assuredly be a long day for the team.

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