Mario Williams is Considering Surgery

So far this season, Mario Williams has just 16 tackles and 3.5 sacks after his first seven games with the Buffalo Bills. Williams was signed away from the Houston Texans in the offseason for a six-year contract worth up to $100 million, but has not lived up to the fans, or the organizations original expectations. In previous seasons, he was arguably the best defensive end in the league, this season he hasn’t even sniffed that title. And Mario Williams doesn’t care!

Now let’s not all jump on Mario Williams for saying he doesn’t care, because what he said can easily be taken out of context. Williams just doesn’t care what people say, but doesn’t deny his motivation and desire to get back to his dominant form. In order to get back to wrecking havoc on opposing offenses, Williams is considering having surgery on his right wrist during the bye week.

Williams has been battling a sprained wrist, and has admitted that the injury has caused him to hesitate when on the playing field, and any hesitation in a game that moves as fast as the NFL does will surely affect a players impact on the game. If Williams opts to have the surgery, he may miss a week or two, but when he comes back he would expect to be healthy and able to be a better contributor, but would it be worth it to lose him for two weeks?

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