Bills Can’t Handle Texans in 9-21 Loss


Photo by: Cliff Welch/Icon SMI

The Buffalo Bills have dropped to 3-5 following their 9-21 loss in Houston to the Texans. We said for the Bills to win they were going to need to avoid careless turnovers, and until the end of the game when Fitzpatrick fumbled the ball away to end a drive, the Bills were rather careful with the football. But we also said that the Bills needed to find a way to run against the Texans stout run defense. The Bills did manage to pick up 4.9 yards per carry, however they only ran the ball 16 times.

The Bills need their backs to be effective for them to win games, but in this game the Bills abandoned the run and had Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing the ball 38 times. Meanwhile the Texans showed the Bills a balanced attack, they had Foster take 24 of the teams 32 rushes, and he picked up 111 yards and a touchdown. In the NFL, the run sets up the pass, and the threat of Foster getting the ball allowed Matt Schaub to complete 19 of his 27 attempts for 268 yards with two touchdowns. The Texans won because they used the game plan that the Bills should have used, using the run to set up the pass.

Next week the Bills will play the Patriots in New England, let’s hope they left Houston with a new offensive theory, because if they repeat what they tried in Houston, then they will not have a chance against the Patriots.

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