Game Preview: Bills at Colts


Photo by: Ric Tapia/Icon SMI

At 1:00pm EST today, the 4-6 Buffalo Bills will play the 6-4 Indianapolis Colts. The Colts will be fighting to maintain their spot as an AFC Wildcard team, and the Buffalo Bills better be ready to throw in the kitchen sink in an attempt to keep a wildcard spot within reach. A win today will not o Thinly bring them closer to a playoff spot, but it will also give them the advantage in a tie breaker over the Indianapolis Colts if that’s what they needed to make the playoffs.

The Colts have been playing extremely well and have been led by rookie sensation, Andrew Luck. Luck is’t like RGIII where he will make your jaw drop when you see him move around the pocket, but what he can do is throw a football at an elite level. The Colts have a solid group of receivers, and they have been getting open and making plays all season long. On defense, they have the ability to get after the passer, but overall, that is where their weaknesses are.

For the Bills to win this game they will need to control the clock and once again just put the ball on the ground and let Spiller and Jackson do the dirty work. The Colts will likely try and stop the run early to force the Bills to pass, but the Bills need to be persistent and continue to dictate the flow of the game with their dynamic duo of rushers. This is a must win for the Buffalo Bills.

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