Why Chan Gailey Has Run Out of Time


Photo by: Frank DiBrango/Icon SMI

This is my first blog post, and it is regrettably a depressing and altogether unpleasant one. The obvious hot topic for us Bills fans right now is Chan Gailey’s current job status. We are on the brink of the completion of his third year. THE year. This was supposed to be the promised land for us. The culmination of two long  years of rebuilding, putting the right pieces in place, and solidifying roster depth, and what is there to show? A much lower cap ceiling and the same sub-par record. I know there are three games to go, and we have a decent chance at making 8-8, but we likely will end up 5-11. Why? because Chan has been consistent at one thing, and one thing only: coaching to lose. He refuses to utilize his talent in a way that will benefit the team, made obvious by the 8 total touches CJ Spiller received. He has failed to recognize the ability of his players, most notably Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is forced to do much more than he is clearly able to do. He publicly shows no faith in his kicker, as shown by not allowing him to attempt a 52 yard field goal in almost ideal conditions. So what is the culprit? The answer is the amount of responsibility Chan has on his plate. We have all seen the little kid at the buffet with way to much food on his plate, and ends up spilling half the food all over the place, leaving a large careless mess some poor soul has to clean up. Chan is that little kid, and Buddy Nix is that poor soul. Buddy put a very large amount of faith in both Chan and Fitzpatrick. It may look like those three ride and die together, but the truth is Buddy can alleviate his situation with the prompt firing of Chan Gailey, and the investment of a very early draft pick in a QB. Nix recognized his mistake earlier in the year by saying that he would not leave Buffalo without having a franchise QB in place. Chan did the opposite, almost sealing his fate, by backing Fitz after throwing another game away. Buddy did clarify that he wasn’t guaranteeing a quarterback in the first round, but with guys like Russel Wilson (A 3rd round pick) and other gems (Andy Dalton comes to mind as well) buried in the pool of college talent, there is still some hope that a guy can be found in those first early rounds.

I will get back to the topic at hand now…I do tend to rant. the draft is another section to be written another day. There are many stats and examples that show Chan’s inabilities, but the biggest for me is this. Spiller has carried the ball more than 20 times once this season. that was in a win against Miami. That number is unacceptable. Chan has used CJ getting winded as an excuse, along with his pass blocking deficiencies. I don’t buy it, and see it as the answer he came up with after the loss, not an in game decision. With Fred now out of the lineup, one would think that it is almost an afterthought that Spiller will get 20+ carries. The sad truth, is that he will likely see 12-17 total. After Fred got hurt yesterday, the entire crowd at the Ralph was buzzing the words “Spiller time”. Who took the next, and majority, of the remaining snaps? Dallas wash-out Tashard Choice. Don’t get me wrong, Tashard is a talented athlete and many teams would love to have a 2nd back as talented as our 3rd, however, Spiller should have been back there. Two deep passes that failed miserably were called instead of number 28. I can find no excuse for that, no matter how hard I try. It seems the only two people that could were Chan, and predictably enough, Ryan Fitzpatrick. And that, paired along with the deflated and hopeless look that has replaced what used to be his face, my fellow Bills fans, is why Chan Gailey should not see another game as a head coach.

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