Interview with Stephon Gilmore


Photo by: Kellen Micah/ICON SMI

I’d like to start off by thanking Pepsi’s Rookie of the week program for making this interview happen. Just a few weeks ago i wrote my first blog, and now I have just completed my first player interview with Buffalo Bills Top-10 pick of 2012, Stephon Gilmore. Here’s what he had to say!

On behalf of thank you for taking the time to talk with me, and…

Congratulations on being a top ten draft pick. With that kind of label, did you feel any added pressure to perform in your rookie year?

“I don’t think there is any added pressure because at the end of the day it comes down to me doing what I always do, I always have played to the best of my ability and so every time I step out the field I’m going to play my hardest no matter what.”

How do you feel you are adjusting to the speed of the NFL?

“I feel like I’ve adjusted pretty well, I mean right now where I’m at now I don’t feel like I’m a rookie any more so I mean it feels like I’m just going out there and playing football, I know I still got a lot to learn but I’m just taking it one day at a time and playing to the best of my abilities.”

What did you think of Toronto and the experience the Bills are trying to create there?

” It was a good experience, a  lot of fans came out to see us play in Toronto, only thing I didn’t like was we didn’t come out with a win, we didn’t play a good game but it was a great experience to go up there and play my first Toronto game.”

The defense had vastly improved since the bye week, holding opponents to 19 points a game. What went wrong against Seattle, and how can you guys as a unit improve from it?

“I think the quarterback, because he bought time., he’s a great quarterback. I don’t think we mentally prepared as well as we could have, with the type of quarterback that he is he can really buy time. He gets the D-line to play cautious, and we were a little to cautious.”

Evaluate not just yourself, but the secondary as a whole. What is going well, and what areas need improvement?

“I think we’ve been getting better and better every game and now it’s down to the end of the season I think that we all have been playing ok, we know we can play together, but I think we hold them [the secondary] together, I mean this is our first year everybody being together, so I think we got to end the season on a good note and carry it over to next year.”

Who is the toughest WR you have faced so far?

“Probably the toughest wide receiver I’ve gone against…I mean theres a lot of great recievers out there and you always got to prepare, but I would say Andre Johnson, I mean if he’s running around and I can guard him, but if he does catch a pass you gotta tackle him, he’s one the hardest I’ve had to tackle.”

Chan Gailey said in his postgame interview the buck stops with him. Would you agree with him or is there more than meets the eye with the struggles of the team this year?

I mean of course he will take the blame on himself, but we have to take the accountability and do what we can do better, because we essentially are out there playing the game and we have to fix those mistakes I mean we watched the film, we know what we have to do to win so I think we have to take the accountability to prepare.”

Of all the adversity this team has seen this year, there has been very little finger pointing-  can you explain the integrity of the team and how you all maintain a positive relationship with each other. 

“At the end of the day you just have to stick with each, we have our ups and downs and we have to figure out what we did wrong and right.”

What do you do personally to stay pumped up for each week, and before games?

“Listen to music, and just be around my team mates, some of my team mates get me amped up for the game, but pretty much just listen to music. When I play football I get amped up.”

With the end of the season approaching what are your plans until OTA’s and spring camp?

“I don’t know yet probably just take some time off, from a long season; I had to go through the combines,  OTA’s, rookie mini camps, training camp, I been playing football for a while now, I’m probably just going to relax and get my body back. After that start training and get ready for next year.”

How are you adjusting to buffalo?

“I am adjusting pretty well, I mean it reminds me of my home town in Rock Hill SC, it’s a small town but a football town. So that’s one thing I like about it.” is the voice of the bills fans, do you have any closing words for them?

“I know it’s not been a great season this year, and we’re going to try to turn things around these last two games and end it on a great note, and start next season off with a winning record and keep it going.”

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