Bills add Orton

The Buffalo Bills have added veteran signal caller Kyle Orton to their roster.  Following the releases of former Bears quarterback Jordan Palmer and previous Bills backup Thad Lewis, the Bills were looking to add a quarterback with experience to mentor second year pro E.J. Manuel.

Orton is a former Purdue University star, who played in Chicago, Denver and Kansas City before being signed by the Dallas Cowboys as a backup to Tony Romo.  The veteran quarterback was signed by the Cowboys in 2012 as an unrestricted free agent. Orton was released by the Cowboys in July after voluntarily sitting out the entire offseason, choosing to not practice with the team while he contemplated retirement.  He had one year left on his three-year $10.5 million contract before his release.

Orton has had his fair amount of ‘the good and bad’ in his career in the NFL. Being 31-years old he most likely will only be in the league for just a few more years.  However, the 72 career starts under his belt will be exactly the kind of experience and mentoring the veteran can offer the two younger quarterbacks on the roster.  If for some reason starting quarterback E.J. Manuel struggles during his second year in the league, Orton can come in and lead the Bills offense.  It wouldn’t be the first time he has had to lead an offense on the fly.  This is a good signing by the Bills, and makes tons of sense, even if he doesn’t play, the chance for the younger guys on the roster to learn a few things from a veteran, could be exactly what they need.

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