Game Preview: Bills at Colts

At 1:00pm EST today, the 4-6 Buffalo Bills will play the 6-4 Indianapolis Colts. The Colts will be fighting to maintain their spot as an AFC Wildcard team, and the Buffalo Bills better be ready to throw in the kitchen sink in an attempt to keep a wildcard spot within reach. A win today will […]

November 2012 by Craig

Bills at Texans Game Preview

Following their bye week, the Bills hope to be well rested for their game against the 6-1 Houston Texans today. Usually the bye week allows a team to have an advantage in their game following the bye as a result of the extra time to prepare and for the players to take care of their […]

November 2012 by Craig

Week 7: Buffalo Bills to Host Tennessee Titans

Today at 1:00pm EST, the Buffalo Bills be looking to keep pace with whatever teams in the AFC East improve to 4-3. Currently the Bills are tied for first place with every team in their division, however because of their 0-2 record within the division, they are technically in last place. Today they will be […]

October 2012 by Craig

Week 6: Bills at Cardinals

In week five, the Bills suffered an embarrassing defeat handed to them by the San Francisco 49ers, the loss went down as the Bills second loss in a row, and resulted in their defense now being the worst ranked defense in the NFL. The Bills are currently giving up 35.2 points per game, and have […]

October 2012 by Craig

Week 5: Bills at 49ers

Last week it looked like the Bills were on the path to becoming 3-1 while delivering a third straight loss to the New England Patriots. But then in the third quarter, everything fell apart, the Buffalo Bills defense became inept and wouldn’t have been able to stop a pop warner had that been the challenge, […]

October 2012 by Craig

Changing of the Guard in Buffalo?

It’s a time people thought may never thought they see. A time when the AFC East was truly up for grabs. Other than 2008, where the Dolphins won the AFC East behind their Wildcat, the Patriots have dominated the AFC East. But today, the Patriots are in one of the biggest must win games in […]

September 2012 by Josh

Week 4: Bills vs. Patriots

The Bills have two huge question marks heading into their week four match-up against the New England Patriots, and they both relate to the status of what may be an elite backfield if they can stay healthy. The questions are in regards to the status of Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller. Jackson has been out […]

September 2012 by Craig

Fitzpatrick Needs to Show Improvement in Week Three

Head Coach Chan Gailey is an offensive mastermind, and that’s why he was brought to the Buffalo Bills to be their man in charge. He was supposed to be able to draw up schematics to contend with QB Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Unfortunately, what he has found is that he really needs […]

September 2012 by FT-Blogger

Game Preview: Bills Look to Rebound

It was not the start the Bills had hoped for. The team received praise for its offseason moves and are being projected by some to take a Wild Card berth and make the playoffs for the 1st time since 1999. The Bills return to Buffalo for their home opener in which their season opener did […]

September 2012 by Josh

Buffalo Bills Host Kansas City Chiefs in Battle of 0-1’s

The Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs each hope they have put Week One of the 2012 NFL season forever in the history books. Both were blitzed—the Bills 48-28 at the New York Jets and the Chiefs 40-24 at home against the Atlanta Falcons. But Sunday, these winless squads will butt heads at Ralph Wilson […]

September 2012 by FT-Blogger