Bills add Orton

The Buffalo Bills have added veteran signal caller Kyle Orton to their roster.  Following the releases of former Bears quarterback Jordan Palmer and previous Bills backup Thad Lewis, the Bills were looking to add a quarterback with experience to mentor second year pro E.J. Manuel. Orton is a former Purdue University star, who played in […]

August 2014 by Brandon Moffet

The Buffalo Bills’ Unlikely Fan in the Poker World

Phil Ivey rakes in millions of chips for a living, which is why he is a devoted fan of the “Bills” American football offers a different dynamic to the sport in terms of their rowdy and seemingly over-the-top fans. These football team’s fans – more often than not – become staples in live games or […]

July 2013 by Craig

Marrone, Hackett, and Pettine Heads new Bills Regime

[blackbirdpie url=”″] It’s been a busy 10 days for the Buffalo Bills, cleaning house by firing Chan Gailey and his staff, and hiring Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone. Today they announced that Mike Pettine would take over the defense, and Nate Hackett will join coach Marrone from Syracuse as his offensive play caller. While both […]

January 2013 by Dan Berger

Bills start offseason with some big changes!

As we all know by now, Chan and friends have been canned. He went graciously, and left some very kind words for Bills fans. I will root for his success, gladly, elsewhere. Russ Brandon is now in charge, and brings a youthful look to the organization, along with some forward thinking. Bringing a “money-ball” type […]

January 2013 by Dan Berger

Interview with Stephon Gilmore

I’d like to start off by thanking Pepsi’s Rookie of the week program for making this interview happen. Just a few weeks ago i wrote my first blog, and now I have just completed my first player interview with Buffalo Bills Top-10 pick of 2012, Stephon Gilmore. Here’s what he had to say! On behalf […]

December 2012 by Dan Berger

Where do we go from here?

Sunday was a new low for Bills fans. After suffering humiliating defeats against the Patriots and 49ers in the beginning of the season, it seemed the worst was behind us for what was quickly becoming an all to familiar Buffalo football season. Then the 5th annual Toronto series against a Seahawk team on the rise […]

December 2012 by Dan Berger

Why Chan Gailey Has Run Out of Time

This is my first blog post, and it is regrettably a depressing and altogether unpleasant one. The obvious hot topic for us Bills fans right now is Chan Gailey’s current job status. We are on the brink of the completion of his third year. THE year. This was supposed to be the promised land for […]

December 2012 by Dan Berger

Game Preview: Bills at Colts

At 1:00pm EST today, the 4-6 Buffalo Bills will play the 6-4 Indianapolis Colts. The Colts will be fighting to maintain their spot as an AFC Wildcard team, and the Buffalo Bills better be ready to throw in the kitchen sink in an attempt to keep a wildcard spot within reach. A win today will […]

November 2012 by Craig

Bills Can’t Handle Texans in 9-21 Loss

The Buffalo Bills have dropped to 3-5 following their 9-21 loss in Houston to the Texans. We said for the Bills to win they were going to need to avoid careless turnovers, and until the end of the game when Fitzpatrick fumbled the ball away to end a drive, the Bills were rather careful with […]

November 2012 by Craig

Bills at Texans Game Preview

Following their bye week, the Bills hope to be well rested for their game against the 6-1 Houston Texans today. Usually the bye week allows a team to have an advantage in their game following the bye as a result of the extra time to prepare and for the players to take care of their […]

November 2012 by Craig